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Security Concept and implementation

Digital security is our background, we are always happy to help our customers to becomes confident with their datas.

Original Design Manufacturer

We focus on secure and robust terminals. We cover human factors, mechatronics, hardware, BSP, application and back-end system.


More about us

Who we are?


eROCCA has 13 years experience on communication disabilities: Hearing loss, Speech impairment, Autism, and on Digital Security

What we do?

Tele Hearing Aids platform

Profonia answers to primary needs of patients, health care workers and payers, and brings them invaluable added values services. Its makes Hearing Aid Specialist more efficient. It makes hearing loss an opportunity of outperformance for the patients.

Legacy business

  • ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) for secure and robust terminal including medical tablet
  • AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) for people with temporary or permanent speech-language impairments. e.i. ALS, autism, stroke.
  • Generic editor of therapy protocol & digital care plan for chronic disease e.i. pulmonary insufficiency, diabetes.

Why we do it?

Our DNA is the open innovation for the benefit of humans. All our significant advances were due to the many collaborations between health care workers, manufacturers, users and caregivers.

Our leitmotivs

  • Patient and Care giver 2.0
  • Security
  • Keep it simple & adequate
  • Return on invest for all the partis
  • Very experimented staff
  • Sustainable development

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Email: contact@erocca.com
Phone: +33 (0)4 58 00 50 33

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