a digital care plan & auditory training

for Hearing Aid Specialist 2.0

Compliant with the public health code

Who is it for? How?

Value Propositions

Patient 2.0

Patient 2.0

Empowerment of the patient and the caregiver. The patient actively participates to the care plan and auditory training. THA offers tools, support, information, applications, facilities, and other resources to help patient and caregivers make a positive journey.




The Hearing Aid Specialist gets focused on his add value task and delegate the basic acts to his patient. He can inform the ENT thanks to automatic report. The platform aims to double the Hearing Aid Specialist bandwidth and decrease the dropout rate.



Both Patient and Caregiver actively participle to care plan and have real time statistics about progress. They take responsibility for their hearing loss reeducation and actively seeks care only when necessary.




Sonethic provides a real-time monitoring of his patients to help the Hearing Aid Specialist to focus its energy to the right point. Triggers come from tangible data but also predictive patient’s behavior.

Auditory training

Auditory training

For countries without Audiologist or to increase the Audiologist efficiency, Sonethic features a digital auditory training. The patient operates it under the control of the Hearing Aid Specialist or Audiologist. Both digital care plan and digital auditory training are fusionaly linked to reach the best performance.


Quality assurance

Quality assurance

ISO 9001 recommends a customer survey both pre and post hearing aid fitting. Sonethic features an APHAB implementation as well as an exhaustive data logging to provide factual and easy to read quality assurance reports.



Sonethic is about designing and delivering to healthcare professionals and to patients, social facilities. It does participate empowerment and oral rehabilitation. eROCCA also takes advantage of this value proposition to carry out new services requested by the community.


Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Sonethic computes unstructured raw data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis purposes. Business Intelligence helps Payers, healthcare professionals to carry out strategies of improvement.


Who is it for?

The Hearing Aid specialist is the key players, he will take advantage of Sonethic to those patients and to generate automatic report to the ENT.

Flow chart


Master hearing professional

The master hearing professional tune the AEA based protocol according to its network distribution rules. No need to be a geek, he just has to drag and drop graphical form.

Local hearing professional

The local hearing professional decides of the patient eligibility (0% to 100%) then instantiate the company protocol with its patient into a digital care plan.


The patient plays the care plan according to the local hearing professional prescription.


Hearing professional

The Hearing Professional can have access to the patient evolution in real time, meanwhile, the monitor informs the Hearing Professional when its needed.

Legacy Business

Security Concept and implementation

Digital security is our background, we are always happy to help our customers to becomes confident with their datas.

Original Design Manufacturer

We focus on secure and robust terminals. We cover human factors, mechatronics, hardware, BSP, application and back-end system.


More about us

Who we are?


eROCCA has 13 years experience on communication disabilities: Hearing loss, Speech impairment, Autism, and on Digital Security

What we do?

Tele Hearing Aids platform

Sonethic answers to primary needs of patients, health care workers and payers, and brings them invaluable added values services. Its makes Hearing Aid Specialist more efficient. It makes hearing loss an opportunity of outperformance for the patients.

Legacy business

  • ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) for secure and robust terminal including medical tablet
  • AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) for people with temporary or permanent speech-language impairments. e.i. ALS, autism, stroke.
  • Generic editor of therapy protocol & digital care plan for chronic disease e.i. pulmonary insufficiency, diabetes.

Why we do it?

Our DNA is the open innovation for the benefit of humans. All our significant advances were due to the many collaborations between health care workers, manufacturers, users and caregivers.

Our leitmotivs

  • Patient and Care giver 2.0
  • Security
  • Keep it simple & adequate
  • Return on invest for all the partis
  • Very experimented staff
  • Sustainable development

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Our Team

Fabrice Francioli CEO

“Thinking outside the box”

former high-level skier who has moved into cryptography and worldwide business development.

Philippe Ecrement - Deputy CEO

“Let’s innovate for human!”

After many years of pure technology, I dedicate myself to build more-than-human via technology.

Serwan Cravic - CTO

“Everything is possible”

Passionate about the Internet and emerging technologies.

Lucas Pignard - Product manager

Training and Follow up are the keys

Hearing aid specialist and biomedical engineer who wants to provide facilities for the patient and the professional

Yves Boissel - BizDev

“Innovation and technology generating wellbeing”

35 years of experience shared into Technical management and Business Developpment to serve innovating business model and technologies



196A, Rue du rocher de Lorzier

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Email: contact@erocca.com
Twitter: @YBoissel
Phone: +33 (0)4 58 00 50 33

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